Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita is a Lolita style that incorporates traditional Japanese clothing elements whilst still keeping the Lolita silhouette. The origin of the prefix 'Wa' in Wa Lolita is the kanji Wa (和), which is used to denote many things of Japanese origin.

It is sometimes mistaken for Qi Lolita, as they both have origins and inspirations from Eastern countries.

Characteristics Edit

Wa Lolita dresses commonly consist of a stylized Kimono that is intended to be worn over a petticoat. Another way form of Wa Lolita is to have a otherwise normal Lolita dress made with traditional Japanese fabrics.

The shoes and accessories used in this style may sometimes be traditional Japanese garb including kanzashi flowers and geta.

This style is not recommended for those starting in Lolita as is hard to pull off and limits the range of coordinations you can make with its elements.

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