Victorian Maiden is a Japanese lolita brand which mainly specializes in Classic Lolita.

General Pricing and SizesEdit

Dresses range between 22,890 - 30,870. One Pieces range between 19,950 - 28,350. Skirts range between 16800 - 16800. Blouses range between 14,490 - 18,480

  • All pricing is in Yen and sizing in cm.

Over-seas ShippingEdit

Victorian Maiden states on their site they do not do direct over seas shipping. Tokyo Rebel is a US seller, and can generally order anything in stock on the Japanese website.

Lucky PackEdit

Victorian Maiden has lucky packs also known has "Happy Bags"


Various hair accessories based on flowers, wide-brim hats and bonnets, parasoles and gloves. VM sells some home decor items like mirrors, tea pots and cups, knick-knacks and boxes.

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