Special pages that are helpful:

Misc things we need to do:

Probably more categories, so that everything links together eventually - Add all those odd terms like JSK, OP, etc to the glossary and to the Japanese Glossary. Maybe add categories for japanese glossary and glossary as well?

Fix up the Lolita Blogs page

I want to get rid of all the how-tos completely. I don't really think any of them are useful or good. I feel that we can replace them all with just an offsite tutorial list.

Tranlations! There are so many random translations of various GLB and other japanese stuff all over the internet that is super interesting and contantly vanishing from the internet as sites go down! perhaps we should start a category of translations? I made the category.

Pages we should add:

Media top category for publications, movies, & music?


Lolita In The News category, similar to traslations, we can link a lot of offsite news, as well as have any pages about it if needed




Movies- Kamikaze Girls

Related styles- Mori / Dolly / Visual Kei

Publications- Kera / goth loli pattern books (whats its real name??)

Tutorials- offsite links to tutorials? Blah I did this on my regular blog and it's a huge task! Maybe 1 tutorial page for each type, skirt, OP, bonnet, bow, misc.

Japanese cleaning instructions on tags!

More lolita sites, including some now dead ones and major blogs? Blue period, lolita snap, egl plus, egl comm sales, daily lolita, the lolita handbook, I would personally prefer not to have a site for every single lolita site ever, especially not the thousand LJ comms and random tumblrs. Hey how about Livejournal and Tumblr in general?

Famous people in lolita- mana / kaya / kyary / Novala Takemoto / Kokusyoku Sumire / small list of celebs who have been seen wearing lolita (blah so boring)

Famous lolita artists

Famous lolita models