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    Just because it's easy to make a list, link a page to a non-page and go back and click it later to make it. Instead of hovering over "add a page" thinking "Ummm what do I need to do?"

    More categories we can maybe use: Overseas Shipping, Plus size options (although honestly, that would be every shop. And what would "plus size"?)

    • Emily Temple Cute
    • Excentrique
    • HeartE
    • Jane Marple
    • Marble
    • Miho Matsuda
    • Suppurate System
    • Visible
    • Antique BeasT
    • Chantilly
    • Milky Ange
    • Triple Fortune
    • Grimoire
    • SPANK!
    • Pink House
    • Clothing Drop
    • Ergi
    • In the Starlight
    • Candy Violet

    • Mitsukazu Mihara
    • Misako Aoki
    • Kuniko Kato
    • Aya
    • Kana

    • Dolly Kei
    • Natural Kei
    • Mori Girl
    • Visual Kei

    • Gosu Loli (publication)
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    Special pages that are helpful:

    Misc things we need to do:

    Probably more categories, so that everything links together eventually - Add all those odd terms like JSK, OP, etc to the glossary and to the Japanese Glossary. Maybe add categories for japanese glossary and glossary as well?

    Fix up the Lolita Blogs page

    I want to get rid of all the how-tos completely. I don't really think any of them are useful or good. I feel that we can replace them all with just an …

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    Doing edits. I think I should bring some friends into this to help too!

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