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Sex Pot Revenge is a Punk Lolita brand which is known for custom T-shirts with tough, cute creatures and random, angry text, deconstructed garments, and bold accessories. Some of their clothes are worn in Visual Kei styled coordinates.


According to their official website, the brand started in the summer of 2000 in Harajuku. The brand was started by Takashi Eto. They consider their clothes to be innovative with messages that say f*** to the stupid things in society and the world, while maintaining a desireable coolness when worn. Some of their recent items have a more music influenced look and feel to it; this could be due to the fact that the brand has collaborated with several musical acts including Under Code Production and Stance Punks.

Clothing prices range from 7000 to 120,000 Yen, which offers a broad range of products and prices for all budgets.

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