You fought tooth and nail to buy your first items, and maybe payed a little too much or may regret buying that non-poofy petti. Maybe you are in love with your new items and you can't wait to get your hands on a full outfit! And maybe you just want to see how you look. Either way, every lolita needed a shred of help, lest they fall into the dark and evil realm of the ita Lolita! Oh no! Well here is a little help for most lolitas, who are really excited - or anxious - to wear their very first lolita outfit.

What do I put on first? Edit

Well, as a general rule, you should put on Bloomers first. This not only prevents any forgetfulness later on, but also ensures you are as modest as a real Victorian - or Rococo! - lady. After that, your Petticoat/s and socks, and, if applicable, your corset. When your underwear is on (phew), you should put your Blouse on, then your skirt or dress. That's just a general look over what to put on first.

Eep! Some of my items don't match! What do I do! Edit

If some items you have don't match, then don't worry! Just relax, and find a way to make it work, or buy some more things. Don't throw or sell your mismatch items - they may be useful in the future.

It's also very useful to buy little things whenever you are able, instead of wasting money on useless items, if you are serious about dressing lolita, or wish to be a lifestyle Lolita.

If you love your outfit, why not post it here? Edit

There is a first outfit gallery on this page, and we would love to see you in your first ever loli outfit! We don't mind if you edit out your face, names or places and we don't mind if you'd like to edit your image til the four horseman come! The more photo-shopped the better, but the au natural look is just as sugoi and kawaii! Just sign in, and post and also sign the Editor box and tell the whole world that the image is yours!

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