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Ah. You made it. You spent some money on your first outfit, you put it all together and felt proud. You then went on to joining an online - or maybe even offline - lolita comm! But you may not have all that much that you may even call lolita, or lolita-esque. Shopping is not always fun or easy, and lolita makes it harder. Here are some tips.

Bargains! Edit

Bargains are hard to find, but if you know where to look, and when, you may save a lot of money. Bargains are easy to find if you don't mind getting second-hand items from your lolita comm, and maybe even hand-made and offbrand items may appeal more to you than that super kawaii Angelic Pretty dress that's $300 more. And don't forget the sales. Many brands have shipping sales in December, and so you may be able to save a lot. Body Line has extra low shipping through November and December.

Beware, there be sharks in these waters... Edit

There are many fake sites and scams, and one of the most notorious is Milanoo, which goes by many names. All or most of their merchandise is fake, and the images are from differing sites such as brands like Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and even smaller sites like Fanplusfriend and Bodyline. Most of their sites sell more than just lolita; so if you see a site selling wedding gowns or spandex suits and lolita, be wary of it, as it's likely one of the many faces of Milanoo. The item you get will look awful, and they often won't issue returns, so, please do not buy from them.

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