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Welcome to the Lolita Fashion Wiki! We hope to use this as an easy go-to source for information about various terms, styles, brands, and shops within the Lolita fashion. Anyone is welcome to pool their knowlege and help make this place grow! There are a few things to keep in mind though:

  • Please keep posts neutral. If you love one particular style or brand and hate another, please do not skew your posts with your bias! However, you're more than welcome to express your personal opinions about a subject in the comment section of any of the pages!
  • Please try to keep rumors/second-hand knowledge out of posts. There is a ton of misinformation within Lolita, so please refrain from using unverified information.
  • Please do not copy and paste information from other sources. Especially without credit! You are welcome to quote other places with credit, but please write your own content.
  • Please do not use random smatterings of Japanese! Please do not refer to styles by their Japanese, or worse yet, Engrish names, and please refrain from using random Japanese words. As this wiki is in English, and the readers of it most likely do not speak Japanese or use the Japanese phrases for various Lolita things, it makes posts a bit useless if every other word has to be linked to a new post so that readers know what you're talking about!
  • If you're new to the site, check out the Help section!


LFW News

8/29/2012- Finally got to 100 pages! Although the page count may drop if any more superfluous pages pop up. For those who are curious, the 100th page was this one about headdresses.

8/28/2012- We're still trying to get things up to speed! We almost have 100 pages on the Wiki! Since the page count has been going up and down due to getting rid of some superfluous, as well as some misleading, pages along with adding new ones! Thanks a whole lot to Yamneko, who has been doing some very indepth editing of the brand pages!

Latest activity

  • edit Rococo
    edited by A Fandom user 1 day ago diff
    Summary: 'Kamikazi' to 'Kamikaze'
  • discussion page Talk:Wa Lolita
    new comment by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    Comment: I think Wa lolita is a intresting style but is there a age limit on lolita from youngest to oldest?
  • discussion page Talk:Punk Lolita
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: the skirt looks pretty bell-shaped to me...
  • discussion page Talk:Sweet Lolita
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: To the editors of this wiki: thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to explain all these different styles of Lolita! I am just...
  • edit Aka Lolita
    edited by Felix*Pillow diff
    Added photo:

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  • discussion page Talk:Ita Lolita
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Good Article and yes i agree with the denifinition of "ita lolita'. And i will try to avoid it too. :) 
  • discussion page Talk:Otome
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: b bbbbb
  • new page Aka Lolita
    created by Frozen-Will
    New page:
    Added category: Lolita Styles


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  • edit Glossary
    edited by Frozen-Will diff
    Summary: Fix Spelling Mistake.
  • edit Rococo
    edited by Frozen-Will diff
    Summary: Space Remove.

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