Kogal is a Japanese street style resembling a school uniform.

Real School Uniforms Vs. Kogal Edit

Kogal Edit

In Kogal, girls wear loose socks, shortened skirts, dyed hair, and a scarf.

Real School Uniforms Edit

The skirts in real school uniforms are longer than those used in Kogal and the socks are tighter than Kogal socks. Also, neckties and/or tuxedos are worn in place of scarves used in Kogal. Hair is often natural, unlike in Kogal.

Kogal Lifestyle Edit

Some Kogals have been thought to preform conspicuous consumption, which means to buy luxury items in order to show off their economic power and/or their wealth. Supporting evidence includes Kogals who get allowances from rich parents and live with them for longer than their 20s and 30s in order to live luxuriously.

Kogal lifestyle and fashion peaked in 1998. It has been replaced with Ganguro.