There are many terms that are Lolita specific, or may be used a certain way within the Lolita communities. If a term is a link, you can click it to get an expanded article on it.

  • AaTP: Alice and the Pirates
  • AP: Angelic Pretty
  • BtSSB: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
  • EGA: Elegant Gothic Aristocrat
  • EGL: Elegant Gothic Lolita
  • ETC: Emily Temple Cute
  • GLB: Gothic & Lolita Bible, a japanese magazine dealing with Lolita (inter alia)
  • IW: Innocent World
  • JSK: Jumper Skirt, a dress without sleeves
  • J&J: Juliette et Justine
  • Meta: Metamorphose temps de fille
  • MM: Mary Magdalene
  • MMM: Moi-même-moitié
  • OP: Onepiece, a dress with sleeves
  • RHS: Rocking Horse Shoes, Ballerina shoes with a wooden sole and a cut in the back
  • SS: Shopping Service, someone who buys for you from stores/brands/etc. who don't ship internationally
  • VM: Victorian Maiden