A couple of girls dressing up in the Decora fashion.

Decora is Japanese street fashion that means "Decorate" or "Decorated", it features an extreme amount of generally girly accessories and was typically popular in the later half of the 90's until the mid 2000's. Towards the end of it's popularity in Japan, it was picked up by Lolitas and formed the beginnings of OTT Sweet Lolita.

The primary difference between Decora Lolita (or Decololi) and OTT Sweet Lolita is that, most of the time OTT Sweet Lolita tends to be more thematic and color coordinated. But the terms are often interchangable.

Decora Clothing == Popular colors in Decora clothing are black, dark pink, and light pink. Neons are acceptable. Plain shirts with hoodies can be paired with skirts with a tutu look. Stockings, leg warmers, arm warmers, and knee socks are layered on top of each other. Popular accessories include anything in leopard print and/or dental masks with patterns.

Decora Hair and Makeup Edit

Decora hair is often in a low ponytail with bangs. The makeup is plain and natural.

A couple of Decololis