Corset (Victorian) 1880

A Victorian era corset

Corset is a boned piece of clothing used to shape and define the waist. In Lolita wearing a corset may be defined to simply underwear to take away some of the bulk of the many layers Lolita requires, or over clothes as part of a coordinate.

Wearing corsets over Lolita might be tricky because your corset generally needs to be short and not restrict the bust or the poof of a petticoat, so as not to interfere with the traditional Lolita silhouette.

Some brands release corset-like tops that are lightly or un-boned and not meant for waist cinching. Things are referred to as bustiers.

The Japanese brand Excentrique is most well known for their steel-boned corsets and corset dresses. Not necessarily a Lolita brand, Excentrique follows a similar aesthetic as Lolita.


An Excentrique corset vest.