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    Geisha World

    September 5, 2013 by Zen shadow





    The Geisha World Wiki is named after the artistic and mystical women known as Geisha (Geiko or Geigi), but it deals with interests other than geisha, such as; the arts in Japan, their religion which is traditionally Shinto, and many other interesting and intriguing things about Japan. The Geisha World Wiki also gives users the freedom to talk about multiple subjects considering Japan, without being tied down to one subject. You can truly say that the Geisha World Wiki is about everything Japanese, and we wish to be affiliated with wikis of the same topics.

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  • Black Spell of Destruction

    Senseless blog post just for the points. Note: Facebook Communities will not be included!


    EGL Community at Livejournal
    EGL Sales
    Dressed to a Tea



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  • Missesfancybritches

    Just because it's easy to make a list, link a page to a non-page and go back and click it later to make it. Instead of hovering over "add a page" thinking "Ummm what do I need to do?"

    More categories we can maybe use: Overseas Shipping, Plus size options (although honestly, that would be every shop. And what would "plus size"?)

    • Emily Temple Cute
    • Excentrique
    • HeartE
    • Jane Marple
    • Marble
    • Miho Matsuda
    • Suppurate System
    • Visible
    • Antique BeasT
    • Chantilly
    • Milky Ange
    • Triple Fortune
    • Grimoire
    • SPANK!
    • Pink House
    • Clothing Drop
    • Ergi
    • In the Starlight
    • Candy Violet

    • Mitsukazu Mihara
    • Misako Aoki
    • Kuniko Kato
    • Aya
    • Kana

    • Dolly Kei
    • Natural Kei
    • Mori Girl
    • Visual Kei

    • Gosu Loli (publication)
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  • Missesfancybritches

    Special pages that are helpful:

    Misc things we need to do:

    Probably more categories, so that everything links together eventually - Add all those odd terms like JSK, OP, etc to the glossary and to the Japanese Glossary. Maybe add categories for japanese glossary and glossary as well?

    Fix up the Lolita Blogs page

    I want to get rid of all the how-tos completely. I don't really think any of them are useful or good. I feel that we can replace them all with just an …

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  • Missesfancybritches

    Doing edits. I think I should bring some friends into this to help too!

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  • Sirens of Oakvale

    So, even though the "Views" tab for us admin has been out of order for a vetry short while now, we can clearly see that some of our hard work has paid off!

    But sadly, as our pages reached 76, they stopped increasing dramatically and the edits were stunted after page 81 was created. There are currently 2 active, registered users including myself, with two inactive admins and a few unregistered authors, but I can't stress enough the fact that we need more registered editors URGENTLY. If you are a lolita, or know a lot about lolita, then we'd be amazingly greateful if you could click the "Log-in / Sign Up" button on the top right hand corner of this page, and create a Wikia account. It's free, and only takes a few seconds to get set up, and everyo…

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  • Sirens of Oakvale

    This blog is a great help to many lolitas and has a few good posts :-) Be sure to see her blogs!

    - 19:31, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sirens of Oakvale

    Lolita's nowadays are getting younger and younger, with some girls stalking the egl pages from as young as 7! But there are many hopes that would be destroyed thanks to being younger than 16, and not having your own financial support. From one young lolita to the rest of the young-loli world, here is your very own getting started guide!

    1. Save! This step is very important and sometimes overlooked. If your parents do not say "We will buy it" then it usually means "we will NOT buy it, and you shouldn't wear it. Buy it yourself.". For birthdays and other important holidays and events, ask for money, not gifts as you should save money. £10/$10 from about four people means £40/$40, and you did no work. Now hopefully you have internet and your family …
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  • Sirens of Oakvale
    Rules Regarding Wiki Blogs
    • No trolls.
    • No dissing.
    • Do contribute a lot.
    • Be nice.
    • Share your ideas
    • Never think you are better than others - we'er all equal.
    • Don't swear!
    • Use proper grammar.
    • Try to spell the best you are able.
    • Try to use a spellcheck.
    • Thanks for reading.
    • Try to sign your posts.
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