Bōsōzoku is a group of Japanese bikers participating in illegal activities.

Bōsōzoku Street Fashion Edit

Though Bōsōzoku fashion has not been popular since the 1990s, it is exaggerated in anime, manga, and movies.

A Bōsōzoku member wears a jumpsuit or a tokko-fuku, which is an overcoat with kanji on it. The jumpsuit is usually unfastened with no undershirt. This shows a bandaged torso and baggy pants with tall boots tucked in.

Bōsōzoku Lifestyle Edit

Bōsōzoku Lifestyle Edit

People in Bōsōzoku groups customize their motorcycles, which is often illegal. They remove their motorcycle's muffler in order to create more noise. They sometimes ride their motorcycles without helmets, which is illegal in Japan. They are reckless drivers who cut through other traffic, drive on red lights, and speed for the thrill of it. The lead motorcycle is driven by the leader of the Bōsōzoku group, who is responsible for the illegal activites caused by the Bōsōzoku group. Most members of Bōsōzoku groups are under the age of 20, which is the legal adult age in Japan. Many Bōsōzoku members are from a low social class and may have joined these gangs in order to express their hatred and unsatisfaction with Japanese society.

Police Interactions Edit

Japanese police officers call them Maru-Sō. In order to stop the illegal activities caused by the Bōsōzoku group, police officers send police cars out on the streets in order to stop Bōsōzoku groups from driving at 5-10 miles per hour in suburbs, causing loud noises while waving Imperial Japanese flags, and causing fights with weapons such as wooden swords and baseball bats.

Bōsōzoku History Edit

Before the 1950s, A group of urban motorcyclists called Kaminari Zoku roamed the streets of Japan. They were similar to British rockers.