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Alice and the Pirates is a line launched by famed lolita brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (often abbrevieated to BTSSB or Baby). It was created in 2004 and has a pirate-punk theme, while still remaining in the realm of lolita fashion; but has "bolder colours and more items suitable for Ouji and Aristocrat styles" (-Wikipedia). A store devoted to Alice and the Pirates (Alice) opened in Harajuku in August 2006. It is on the bottom floor of Laforet. Alice and The Pirates sells clothing that is often less Sweet Lolita-centric than Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, often focusing on Kodona, Gothic, Classic, or Punk styled pieces. Alice and the Pirates popularized the Pirate Lolita sub-style.

About the DesignerEdit

The "Alice and the Pirates" line of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was created in 2004. It has a strong pirate and pirate-punk theme with bolder colours and more items suitable for Ouji and Aristocrat styles. A store devoted to this line opened in Harajuku on 25 August 2006. It is located in the bottom floor of Laforet. In 2011, Alice and the Pirates, along with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright designed the costumes for the television animation The Mystic Archives of Dantalian.

General Pricing and SizesEdit

Sizing of JSK/OP, Skirts, blouses, and then pricing

Over-seas ShippingEdit

Alice and the Pirates has the same over-seas shipping details as it's mother brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

Lucky PacksEdit

AatP Lucky Packs are offered the same time Baby's are. AatP and Baby both offer sets once in a while, where customers have a better idea what is in the pack. These special packs often have sizing options to choose from. Prices differ between blind grab LP and the sets, and set sizes.


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