Alice Auaa is a Gothic/Gothic Lolita brand based in Osaka.

Alice Auaa
The brand is known for their net covered armwarmers and dresses, bondage-like accessories, and body-conscious silhouettes.


Based in Kobe, Japan, Alice Auaa opened its doors in 1993, originally under the name of "Alice in Modern Time." Originally it declared itself to be a sort of "London underground" for people and held several events with an eye to punks and new wave figures. Eventually the brand began collaborating with bands like L'arc en ciel as their image changed.

The original Kobe store was closed and reopened in Osaka under the new name of "Alice e Laboratory" in 1996.

Due to the elaborate decorations and construction of their garments, prices of Alice Auaa clothing are high. In some cases, the brand has been dubbed "The Chanel of Gothic Lolita" for their high price points.

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